DIY Calendar

What better way to organize your life than by creating an uber stylish, and very simply calendar. With chalkboard paint. And some masking tape. And a couple of sticks of chalk. I said simple right!?

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1) So first, grab your masking tape to create squares on your office wall (or a wall in your kitchen, perhaps?). Make sure you use a spirit level to make the lines nice and straight. Symmetry in this case, is most definitely your friend. Squares should be about 100mm by 100mm in size and make 7 across (one for each day of the week) and 5 down.

2) Next step is optional but to get super straight lines first paint with the colour of your walls. By doing this you are filling the tape with i.e. white instead of chalkboard black. However if you’re doing this on a wall which was painted in 1970 it might be hard to find the original colour.

3) Then, when the pain is dry begin painting with the chalk paint making sure you keep between the lines. You could also add here a coat or two of magnetic paint!

4) When the paint is dry, peel back the masking tape carefully.

5) And to finish write dates of the month you’re in to mark each day.

And there you go, a DIY calendar to organise your life!!

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