The fourth-most popular city in Australia, Perth drives the economy of Western Australia with its mining, petroleum, agriculture construction, and other industries and their businesses.


Perth, WA has witnessed great infrastructural development over the years. Today, you will find heritage structures along with modern buildings. The city also has many projects in process.


The City of Perth is an active constitutional body established under the Local Government Act (1995) to render services and amenities to a wide range of city’s stakeholders.

Guide to Perth

The City offers the best of modern lifestyle, nature, culture and history to its residents and tourist.

People come here all year round for work, better standard of living or recreation. While Perth is among the most isolated major cities in the world, it has great transport, thriving economy, scenic beaches, sports centres, and much more to offer.

Since the capital of Western Australia is a coastal area, you can find a harmony between urban life with greenery. Here is air is balmy, most days are sunnier than other capitals and you have a number of places to visit. You can bask in beauty and tranquillity at the Kings Park, explore the Swan Valley’s vineyards, enjoy a weekend getaway at the Rottnest Island and do so much more than work. Perth boasts a steadily growing job market, top-class education facilities, low pollution levels, low crime rates, lush-green spaces, beautiful and spacious housing, culinary delights, a thriving commercial market and the list goes on.

Other things the city has to offer include inspiring art, local culture, delicious food, introduction to Aboriginals etc. So, whether you are in Perth or planning to visit, there are many things you can do and learn with the inclination and zeal to explore.


People in the city

1829 K

Year of Establishment

6,417.9 km2

Total Area

350 +


Explore The City

Whether you are a resident, tourist or coming to Perth for work, anytime of the year is ideal for exploring the varied places and partaking in events/activities happening here.

Top Things To Do While You Are Here

Since Perth is a dynamic place, there are many things you can do for entertainment, sports, leisure or sampling enjoying your time peacefully. The capital city offers a diverse range of neighbourhoods to pick from, ranging from river-side suburbs to heritage areas, such as the port city of Fremantle. These are popular destinations among students and young professionals- thanks to the vibrant nightlife, lively music and art scene, eclectic pubs, clubs, fine-dining restaurants, sports recreational activities, museums and much more. The city is ideal for living, raising a family and spending a peaceful getaway. You can enjoy water sports or the beauty of the various beaches with your family and friends. Bask in the lush flora and fauna at the Rottnest Island and get selfies with the always smiling quokkas. Listed below are more things you must do while staying in Perth, WA.

  • Visit the Christmas Lights Trail that is conducted from 3rd week of November to 1st week January.
  • Attend the many events like the Skyworks, New Year’s Eve, Fringe World, etc.
  • Document and share on social media whatever you do, find and see in Perth.
  • Go on adventures, hikes, walks, road trips and drives
  • Have the best Aboriginal experiences

To know more about Perth and what you can do in the city, get in touch with South West Life. We can discuss you plans via call or share information via email. So, reach out now.


What People of Perth Say

Some people live in the city by birth, some travel for its attractions, while others migrate here to for work, education, and other opportunities. Whatever the reason for staying or visiting, Perth is loved by one and all and here is why.

Learn About The Council

The City Of Perth is one of the prime reasons for the capital’s growth development and achievement.

It is the local government body that offer a wide range of facilities and services to the residents and stakeholders like commercial businesses, retailers, workers, and visitors under the Local Government Act 1995. The council consists of the Lord Mayor and elected members.

The residential population of Perth is diverse in its culture, family structures and household. This contributes to an interesting and empowering community. The city attracts approx 205,750 visitors and workers to the CBD and more than 25,000 to the University of Western Australia. The city’s resident population is predicted to grow to 50,000 by 2050 along with 16,000 new dwellings over the next 34 years. Perth plays a vital role in contributing to the economic growth and high quality of life.

Through the services of the Council you can do the following.

  • Discover what’s going on in the city
  • Use the library
  • Make an online payment
  • Learn about the council’s agendas and meetings
  • Report an issue
  • Learn about road closures, grants, sponsorships, waste and cleaning
  • Provide community services and facilities

The City of Perth takes care of various aspects like communities, neighbourhoods, locals, tourists, businesses, permits, licenses, and much more. So, whatever issues you face while in the city, the council can help resolve them and take care of your needs while you live or visit here.

Our focus is to assist you discover everything about the City of Perth, its culture, culinary delights, art scene, government schemes, grants, residential property market, neighbourhood and much more.


What Makes Perth Attractive?

The city is a popular place among national and international tourists, as it has the following things.

Annual Events

There are several events that happen in Perth every year that delight the locals, attract visitors and keep the art and culture of the city alive.

  • Music

Fringe World Festival

Northbridge, Perth, WA 6000

  • Art

Perth Festival

University of Western Australia, Perth, WA 6000

  • Performance

Perth Comedy Festival

Fremantle/Northbridge/Subiaco/Mount Lawley, Perth, WA

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Latest News Perth

Want to stay up to date with what is happening in Perth at all times? The South West Life is the best place to get the recent news and updates. Here are some major ones that you should know about.


Earthquake in Western Australia, Tremors felt in Perth

The Great Southern Town of Gnowangerup had an earthquake of 4.5 magnitude and its tremors were felt all the way in the Perth Metropolitan area, Wheatbelt, South West region etc. According to a Geoscience Australia senior seismologist, almost 100 people felt the ground shaking in the new year. While the earthquake didn’t cause any causalities, there was reported damage to some building in the Gnowangerup town area. The seismologist says the town has been rocked about ten times by earthquakes of magnitude of at least 2 in the last one year.


Western Australia’s 1st Gun Law Update in 5 Decades

In a surprising yet welcome turn of events, the Western Australia government announced a gun law update after 50 years. After the update, long-range guns & armour-piercing rounds are now banned under the new gun laws. The government will reimburse about 1.5 million dollars to owners of 248 currently legal weapons. These weapons were banned because they could pierce vehicles (armoured or non-armoured). They don’t serve any purpose or role in the communities of Perth or Western Australia. This update was introduced after a man was found with a dangerous weapon in May 2022.


Big Development Plans for Jindalee Beachfront

Owing to the rapid growth and popularity of the Jindalee suburb of Perth, the area is witness development plans that will change the face of the area. You can expect the region to soon get its first development project with housing, a restaurant and holiday accommodation. It is a bid to increase the traffic in the area and encourage tourists to visit the suburbs more often. The proposal consists of a three-storey mixed-use development plan. It features suggestions for 33 versatile dwellings, 14 accommodations for leisure and holidaying and a ground level eatery to be made on a huge Maritime Drive lot.


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