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Welcome to South West Life, a reliable platform designed to promote quality information about Perth, WA.

Our platform is the brainchild of three lovers & dwellers of the city passionate about educating others about things to do, places of interest, art, culture, heritage and everything else related to the metropolitan. They curate the content that goes on along with a team of ten other experts with extensive knowledge about the city’s different aspects.

Our Mission

Everyone at South West Life is dedicated to providing inclusive, verified and useful information to residents and visitors of Perth. We strive to maintain transparency, quality and integrity while providing good insights, news and updates.

Our Vision

We understand the internet is filled with a load of content but not everything you read is verified and taken from reliable sources. While we are among the reputed information platform about Perth, our goals include expanding our reach to local, national and international audiences. Additionally, we are dedicated to making our digital presence stringer than it already is.

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Why Us?

Over the decade, we have become a sought-after platform for many to seek reliable information about Perth and what happens in it.

Being an educational website, we understand the responsibility of providing data, news, updates and content that is well-curated and verified.

You can rely on South West Life to always remain true to the motto of sharing credible information by experts. Each and everything that is shared on our platform is sourced from professionals and credible sources. Before any addition is made to the website the content is reviewed by a team of experienced, certified and qualified professionals. The information we get is reviewed on various aspects such as grammar, clarity, accuracy, conciseness etc. Therefore, our content consumers can rest assured the information they get from us is good.

We value each consumer whether they are new or old. What’s more, we serve as a place where you can share information about Perth through our content contributor program. Send us an email with the data or news you have and if it is up to our standards and meets community standards, we will get in touch about sharing it on our website.

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Your feedback helps South West Life become a bigger and better informational website. Here are some comments that really all the effort we put in worth it.

Our Founders

South West Life is a quality website for information about the capital of Western Australia – Perth is because the following people established it in 2010.


Will Miller


Edward Wallace Vance


Josh Cam


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