Floral Fashion Bonanza

Tuesday’s fashion shoot was a real flower-fest. Flowers on the dresses, flowers in the hair, photography in a florist and floral arrangements being created and sold all around us!

Our challenge for the spring issue is making spring come alive… when we are in the depths of winter. We are quick learners and have managed to schedule our spring shoots indoors. Lucky thing that, because as I drove across to Young, the sleet was falling.

Just a few notes on how we come to get such beautiful clothes (all on loan) and such a beautiful model (she came highly recommended) for the fashion shoots.

This is how a fashion shoot is done, ala ‘style’


1)A clever little lady comes up with a theme

…maybe Jacqui, maybe Denise the photographer, maybe me even!

2)We meet, have a chat, talk about the logistics and then set ourselves a ‘to do’ list.

3)A model is sourced, usually recommended to us by a friend or by a friend of a friend.

4)The hardest part is getting fashionable samples sent out to little old Forbes in time for the shoot… so that’s usually the first job. I ring PR companies, send around 50, 000 emails and give them an idea of what we’d like to achieve.

5)Browsing through the ‘look books’ sent by PR companies is a hoot – some are ghastly and some I could order every single item for the shoot (but that would be a tad repetitive.)

6)Order the samples to arrive a day or two before the shoot.

7)Start praying that the garments turn up in time.

8)Arrange hair and make up using locals from the town in which the shoot is going to take place… in this cases, Sharron’s Hairline for hair and The Stables for makeup, both in Young.

9)Call round to a girlfriend’s place to borrow a ‘steamer’ to take to the shoot, for a quick iron of the clothes!

10)Get a bit excited when the clothes do turn up…and they are exactly what I had in mind!

11)Head to the venue, which was Native Botanical down in Young, and watch Steph the florist and Denise the photographer work their magic in setting the scene.

12)And then just watch it all come together!


We’re always on the lookout for girls who are a little bit beautiful and a little bit confident for our upcoming fashion shoots. You

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