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Exploring the Best Beaches in Perth For Sun and Sand Lovers

Perth is a coastal wonderland dotted with striking beaches that will take your breath away. The coastline covers more than 80km and makes locals and travellers rejoice in the tranquillity of the turquoise waters. The sun bleached stretches offer the perfect sun and sand experience to beach lovers who want to indulge in water-based activities. It can be easily conferred the position of a coastal paradise because of the unspoiled beaches and white sands. Whether you are a surfing enthusiast or a swimming champion, you will love diving into the crystal clear waters and soaking up the sunlight in its full glory. The city of Perth doesn’t disappoint when it comes to offering pristine locations for sunbathing. The capital of Western Australia is filled with postcard-perfect settings that are perfect weekend getaways. Here is a list of the best beaches in Perth that should not be missed.

The Stunning Mettams Pool

If you are looking for a fun-filled time with family in the northern part of the city, you need to head to the Mettams Pool. It is the perfect destination for water babies and offers splendid opportunities to have a thrilling time with your loved ones underwater. You can enjoy snorkelling, swimming and sunbathing at Mettams Pool, which is only 16km from the Perth CBD. The beach has all the amenities to relax and have a great time, such as toilets and shower rooms. The beach is known for its abundant marine life and natural rock pool.

The Eye-Catching Bathers Beach

People living in Fremantle or visiting the region should head to Bathers Beach, which is 16km from the Perth CBD. The easily accessible hotspot has BBQ and shelters to enjoy quiet family time. Bather Beach is famous for kite surfing and paddling. In addition, it offers ample shopping opportunities and is home to museums and galleries that can be explored on the way.

The Spectacular Leighton Beach

Only 16km from the Perth CBD, Leighton Beach is the place known for spending relaxed afternoons among those who live and work in Perth. It offers the opportunity to enjoy windsurfing and kayaking as well as snorkelling and swimming with family and friends. Pet parents can bring their dogs here since the northern part of the beach is a dog beach.

The Fabulous Cottesloe Beach

If you love gazing at sunsets, Cottesloe Beach is only 12km from the Perth CBD and can be used as the perfect spot for picnics and BBQs. The beach is highly popular among travellers because of its vibrant bars and transparent water that allows snorkelling and swimming. The Ocean Beach Hotel near the beach is an iconic building that keeps the glitz and glamour going in the region.

The Remarkable Scarborough Beach

Sports lovers can have a field day at the Scarborough Beach that has a skate park, basketball court, climbing wall and gym. It is also an ideal spot for fishing and windsurfing. The far-stretching beach has many restaurants and cafes that welcome visitors through the day. The place is also famous for live music and street festivals that keep the vibe alive and people grooving.

The Alluring Trigg Island Beach

The Trigg Island Beach is recognised for its walking trails and sunbathing experience. The pristine beach has a children’s playground and BBQs to enjoy family time. It is also famous for surfing, windsurfing and body-boarding. The beach has many cafes and restaurants to satiate your taste buds and offer a relaxing ambience.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning weekend fun with family and friends, you must check out the beaches listed above. They are all near the Perth CBD and have many places to let your hair down and unwind after a hectic work week.

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